Monday, December 5, 2011



I made this board game as an homage to all my early board game experiences... and all my frustrations... like how come I can only go in one direction? Can I reroll? Can I jump walls? Can I get more cards? Well, now you can and more!
IN a nutshell:
Adventure Kingdom is a board game where you escape an enchanted castle.

In an enchanted land far, far away, an evil overlord has captured your favorite fairy tale characters!  Help them escape the castle and win the game! But beware! Villains, monsters  and Traps await you! With the aid of pets and enchanted items, help your character succeed in escaping the mystical castle of Orm.

Every  game will feature a different exit and different ways to win. The flexible board game  tile system ensures that no two games will ever be alike. The combinations of characters and cards are nearly limitless and should provide plenty of enjoyment for all. Games can be short or long depending on how many tiles you use. 

Enter the castle of Orm at your peril!
Help your favorite fairy tale heroes and heroines to escape!

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